Dr. Lenna Ontai

Lenna Ontai

Position Title
Specialist in Cooperative Extension, Department of Human Ecology, Human Development and Family Studies


Research Interests 
My research program focuses on understanding early socialization processes between parents and young children to understand factors that affect parents’ socialization efforts such as income and cultural background, as well as how these processes impact children’s health and development. As a Specialist in Cooperative Extension, I am active in translating and disseminating current research findings in the areas of parenting and health in early childhood.

Diversity Statement 
In my research and extension activities I strive to understand the role culture (e.g. ethnicity, SES, family structure) assumes in these critical processes in order to effectively translate the research into meaningful programs and materials for diverse audiences. As part of this aim, I work to include students from a variety of backgrounds in my lab for research training in an effort to include diverse perspectives in my program of research.

Selected Publications 

Ontai, L., Sutter, C. S., Sitnick, S., Shilts, M. K., Townsend, M. (2019). My Child at Mealtime Parent Feeding Self-Assessment Tool: Validation with Mealtime Behaviors and General Parenting. Appetite, 136, 62-69. doi: 10.1016/j.appet.2019.01.016

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